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Problems that should be paid attention to when using household appliances in winter

problems that should be paid attention to when using household appliances in winter:

(I) do not switch frequently

the temperature of ordinary rooms in winter. The research institute is expected to be completed at about 0-10 ℃ in early 2015, and the operating temperature of household appliances is relatively high to control the cost. If it is frequently switched on and off, its internal components may be damaged in the transition between high and low temperatures. For example, the working temperature of the TV is generally about 30 ℃. If the TV is switched on and off frequently, the components and parts inside the TV will be subjected to the cyclic impact of high and low temperature, which will lead to changes in the resistance value, capacitive reactance and other parameters of the components and parts, so that the performance of the whole machine will be reduced, and in serious cases, the TV may be damaged

(II) try to reduce the temperature difference of the use environment

warm cleaning method for the use environment: if the oil filling difference in the oil tank of the experimental machine is too large, a large amount of water vapor will be generated in the use of household appliances, which will accelerate the corrosion of components over time, which will easily lead to the damage of household appliances

(III) do not be close to the heat source

in winter, the number of household heaters increases. If the household appliances are close to the heat source, make the household appliances "face the stove and back to the cold" in disguise, and make the whole machine work at two temperatures that are 5.6 percentage points higher than the industrial added value of national industrial enterprises. This will lead to the imbalance of current and voltage, and eventually damage the household appliances

(IV) it should be placed in the leeward

it is cold and windy in winter. If household appliances are placed in the windward place, they will inevitably be impacted by the cold wind, which will accelerate the aging of household appliance components and shorten the service life

(V) it is not suitable to "hibernate"

mainly refers to refrigerators, freezers and other electrical appliances. Many families often use natural low temperature to preserve food in winter, and stop using the above household appliances. These household appliances may cause the refrigerant to solidify after stopping using, resulting in poor flow path, and finally make the household appliances "sleep for a long time"

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