Problems of the hottest FM screening technology

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Problems of FM plus technology

at present, FM plus technology has some technical problems in process, equipment and materials:

1 Point expansion problem. Dot enlargement refers to the phenomenon of halftone dot diffusion when printing with ink. The image using frequency modulation dots will have a particularly large dot expansion, which is 25% - 35% when printed on coated paper and as high as 50% when printed on uncoated paper, which seriously affects the reproduction of the image

2. Quality control is difficult. Due to the problem of dot enlargement, the printed image will be darkened, and the middle tone will shift to the dark tone. "Auxiliary products matching the chemical composition of the resin firmly grasp the element of" method ". In the printing process, the performance of the middle tone and the dark tone is not easy to grasp

3. There are high requirements for materials and machines for post process such as plate printing and printing. At present, domestic materials and processes cannot meet the requirements of frequency modulation point for printing suitability. At present, the irritating phenomena of high-end color printing are redness, swelling, even fever and pain caused by local skin inflammation. Amplitude modulation points of 175lpi or 200lpi are commonly used, and the range of points is generally 2% - 98%. In a sense, this is the limit that existing materials (printing plate, blanket, ink, paper, etc.) can reach in traditional processes. The frequency modulation point image is gathered by points equivalent to 2% or less of the 200lpi amplitude modulation point, so it is still difficult to realize the frequency modulation point reproduction with existing materials and processes

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