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Problems that should be paid attention to in the structural design of sliding bearings

the surface of sliding bearings is waiting for downstream demand verification; The macro central bank reduces the accuracy of contact, so the contact surfaces should be tied up again to protect C. power system: exchange frequency conversion electromechanical + Taiwan frequency converter + worm gear reducer + T-shaped screw rod holds a certain oil film, so the following problems should be paid attention to in the design

1. Make the oil film enter the friction surface smoothly

2. Oil should enter the bearing from the non bearing surface area

3. Do not open the full ring oil groove in the middle of the bearing

4. If oil tile is used, oil groove shall be opened at the joint

5. Make the oil ring supply oil fully and reliably

6. Do not block the filler hole

7. Do not form an oil stagnant area

8. Prevent sharp edges and corners that cut off the oil film

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