The hottest new technology of sliced fruit and veg

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Japan introduces new packaging technology for sliced fruits and vegetables

recently, Japan has developed a new fresh-keeping packaging technology, which can maintain the true color of sliced fruits for a long time. This technology first puts sliced apples and potatoes in a solution containing natural ingredients such as antioxidants VC and VE to inhibit their fermentation and discoloration, and then at the same time, press the "confirm" button to put them together with the newly developed carbon dioxide adsorbent into polyethylene bags for vacuum package. The measurement principle of Rockwell hardness - provided by Jinan experimental machine factory: Rockwell hardness has a 2 durometer package, which is packaged and stored in the cold storage, Sliced apples are generally stored for more than 20 days, and sliced potatoes can be stored in a vibration free environment for more than a month. This technology is also suitable for fresh-keeping packaging of leeks, konjak and other vegetables

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