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The new technology of UV crosslinked polyethylene wire and cable

uses UV light as the radiation source, extrudes and covers the mixed light crosslinked polyolefin ingredients on the conductive wire core, and then immediately enters the UV irradiation equipment for molten light crosslinking. After the exposed wires and cables are annealed in warm water and other subsequent processing, the light crosslinked polyolefin insulated wires and cables can be obtained

the equipment process characteristics of UV crosslinking method are:

1. The lighting equipment adopts a uniformly configured and specially designed reflection focused UV light source, and the control system ensures the best working conditions such as UV intensity and irradiation temperature in the lighting box

2. Efficient photoinitiator system can quickly initiate polyolefin cross-linking reaction under ultraviolet light, so that each lighting equipment can achieve a continuous production speed of several meters to tens of meters per minute

3. there is no need to build a special plant, and the production equipment of the original cable factory can be used

the UV irradiated XLPE insulating material has been tested by the "National Center for quality supervision and inspection of wires and cables" and showed that its various properties, such as volume resistivity, breakdown voltage, dielectric properties, mechanical properties and thermal oxygen aging properties, have reached various technical indexes of insulating materials for 35kV and below XLPE cables

cross linked polyethylene insulated power cables and control cables produced by UV irradiation have excellent electrical and physical and chemical properties. After the comprehensive product type test conducted by the "national wire and cable quality supervision and inspection center" and the "electrical equipment quality inspection and testing center of the Ministry of electric power industry", the technical indicators reached 2 There is dirt in the oil return valve of the electronic tension machine, which reaches or exceeds the specified technical standard. The long-term rated working temperature can reach the temperature resistance grade of 105 ℃ (the actual temperature resistance grade can reach more than 125 ℃), and the thermal aging performance is particularly excellent. It will greatly improve the safety performance of the system when applied to power and electrical control systems

after detailed economic accounting, the manufacturing cost of cross-linked polyolefin insulated power cable and control cable produced by optical cross-linking method can be reduced by more than 30% compared with similar products produced by other methods

principle of UV crosslinking: polyolefin is used as the main raw material, mixed with an appropriate amount of photoinitiator, irradiated with UV light, and the photoinitiator absorbs UV light of a specific wavelength to initiate polyolefin free radicals, resulting in a series of rapid polymerization reactions to produce cross-linked polyolefin with three-dimensional structure. The crosslinked polyolefin material has excellent high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, excellent electrical properties and significantly enhanced mechanical properties

this achievement includes a complete set of new technologies for industrial production of light crosslinked polyolefin insulated power cables and control cables, such as cable special materials and process equipment processes. And the high-energy irradiation widely used at home and abroad( γ Ray, electron beam, neutron beam, etc.) compared with chemical method (peroxide and silane method), UV crosslinking method is similar to high-energy electron beam irradiation method in technical principle; The process flow is similar to the chemical crosslinking method initiated by peroxide heat, and the continuous production process is adopted. High energy irradiation has high crosslinking efficiency and large output, but the equipment is expensive, the process is complex and the protection is harsh; Peroxide chemical crosslinking is more suitable for the production of large-scale high-voltage cables, but it has low thermal efficiency, large investment, complex process and huge special plants; In addition to the low production efficiency and energy consumption utilization, the temperature resistance grade of silane chemical crosslinking products is also low. UV crosslinking technology has been greatly improved in investment, process technology and safety protection. The equipment used is simple and the operation is flexible. There is no need for hundreds of meters of high-temperature and high-pressure pipelines and huge special plants like peroxide chemical crosslinking. Moreover, the main task of the optical crosslinking main program is to initialize, interrupt scanning, communication and restore the system, etc. the working method only needs to be slightly changed on the original ordinary production line, and the optical crosslinking special equipment with a small floor area can be installed to produce optical crosslinked polyethylene wire and cable products, which is very suitable for the upgrading of old products (such as PVC cables that are being eliminated internationally) in small and medium-sized cable factories, It can not only improve the temperature resistance grade and service performance of products, but also not significantly increase the cost of high-grade crosslinked products. It is a new crosslinking process with small investment, excellent product quality and quick results. UV irradiation can be used to produce medium and low voltage power cables, control cables, communication cables and electronic cables. Therefore, UV crosslinking technology is another new crosslinking technology developed after chemical crosslinking and radiation crosslinking, which plays a role of learning from each other's strengths and complementing each other's weaknesses

UV crosslinking technology is another new crosslinking technology developed after chemical crosslinking and radiation crosslinking. It is a technological innovation achievement independently developed by China and with independent intellectual property rights, which opens up a new way for the production technology of crosslinked cables. The wide application of this technology makes it possible to upgrade the old products in the cable industry, and is expected to produce great social and economic benefits, Make important contributions to the development of China's power industry

this project has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for many times since 1988 to carry out basic research on the application of photocrosslinking technology; During the "Seventh Five Year Plan" and "Eighth Five Year Plan" period, it was supported by major projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the "Ninth Five Year Plan" technological transformation project of the Ministry of Railways to carry out industrialization Transformation Research on the research results. It has been listed in the national key promotion project by the radiation processing industry, and has the international advanced level

this research achievement passed the joint appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Railways in September 1999, and the participating experts and academicians spoke highly of it: the new technology for the production of UV irradiated XLPE insulated cables has opened up a new way for the production of XLPE insulated cables, which is at the international leading level; The new cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable and control cable developed have excellent performance and can be put into mass production. The National Natural Science Foundation of China fully affirmed this technological innovation achievement and specially issued a briefing titled "UV crosslinking method and its major breakthrough in the industrial application of polyethylene insulated cables" because of the advantages of light weight, non rusting and good insulation of plastics

at present, four patents have been applied for this technology, including two utility model patents for crosslinking equipment; It can provide special equipment for commercial optical cross-linked cables and optical cross-linked polyethylene cable materials for industrial applications; It has a reliable production process of optical cross-linked cables that can improve the overall profitability of the business and is environmentally friendly; We have successfully developed and mass produced a series of new control cable products for optical XLPE insulated power cables, and can provide equipment and special materials for optical XLPE. (end)

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