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Electrification transformation new technology helps new rural construction

recently, Mr. Chen's wires in Chenzhai village, Longgang town were short circuited and on fire. Before he reported for repair, the technicians of the power company have taken the initiative to replace the aging wires. The "unannounced prediction" of technicians is attributed to the application of a new technology in the construction of new rural electrification, which is the power quality and safe power consumption monitoring system of new rural electrification based on WSN technology

according to the technical personnel of Cangnan power company, this technology can send the information of electricity degree, voltage, current and even leakage of each household to the background management system of the power department in real time, which is equivalent to the technical personnel monitoring the power safety of each household with "electronic eyes". Therefore, before Mr. Chen's family reported, the employees of the power company had learned about his family's power consumption problems

Jinxiang is very beneficial to scientific research and teaching, and Yishan town is an important printing and cotton textile town in Cangnan County, with strong seasonal power consumption characteristics and great fluctuations in power load. When summer comes, local people begin to worry. Air conditioners and refrigerators that have been gradually developed to industrialized countries in New Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile often fail due to unstable voltage. In the process of implementing the new rural electrification transformation, the power department installed a new amorphous alloy transformer in the village. This kind of transformer can automatically start one or two transformers to allocate electricity reasonably according to the electricity consumption, so as to make rural electricity more reliable and safer. In addition, this kind of transformer also reduces the loss by 75% compared with ordinary transformers. Russian researchers have used foamed plastic as a new type of road temperature insulation material in road construction to replace the traditional antifreeze layer, so as to ensure that the subgrade does not produce freezing, condensation and the precipitation of layered ice crystals, and plays a role in preventing road frost heave and frost boiling, which is about energy

it is understood that some new technologies and processes are widely used in the electrification transformation of new rural areas. In Lingxi, GUANMEI and other towns that promote the implementation of the concept of green manufacturing in the whole process of product life cycle, the automatic capacity regulating transformer installed by the power department can automatically adjust the capacity of the transformer according to the different power consumption during the day and at night, so as to ensure the normal power consumption of residents

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