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High level competition and high efficiency measures Lovol excavator high point leap

high level competition and high efficiency measures Lovol excavator high point leap

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Guide: on May 7, 2013, Lovol excavator organized the 2013 market mobilization conference of Foton Lovol excavator, which was attended by Wang Weixian, deputy general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry, and all staff of Lovol excavator marketing company. In April, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden period of Komen's growth and rapid growth. Lovol excavator has sold more than 2000 sets through a variety of effective measures

on May 7, 2013, Lovol excavator organized and held the "Foton Lovol excavator 2013 market mobilization conference", which was attended by Wang Weixian, deputy general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry, and all personnel of Lovol excavator marketing company. "From January to April, Lovol excavators sold more than 2000 units through a variety of effective measures, further achieving competitive growth." Wang Guanghui, general manager of Lovol excavator marketing company, said happily

technological innovation to create high-end products

"without good products, no matter how good salesperson can do nothing; without product guarantee, it is impossible to achieve sales breakthrough." Zhao Zhigang, deputy chief engineer of Foton Lovol heavy industry, said, "as a research and development department, we should constantly carry out product development and improvement, and we should prepare for the rainy season."

the excavator business department adheres to the research and development idea of "energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency", and everything in research and development is from the perspective of customers to meet customer needs

Zhao Zhigang introduced that in meeting the needs of customers, Lovol excavator Technology Research Institute has implemented a "trilogy", that is, R & D personnel go to the efficient market, look at the operating conditions of excavators, ask the excavator owner, make friends with the manipulator, and listen to the voice of customers; Please come to the company to hold a discussion meeting to exchange experience and reflect product design problems; The R & D personnel personally drive the excavator to experience the performance and comfort of the product, so as to truly perceive and understand the needs of users

Zhao Zhigang said that at present, Lovol etx+ series excavators can be equipped with GPS remote monitoring technology, which has the function of anti disassembly and anti-theft, remote display of the working state of the machine, intelligent diagnosis, realize the user's intelligent monitoring of the equipment, and significantly improve the efficiency of fault resolution. At the same time, the operating efficiency of the excavator is increased by 10%, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 6%, which improves user satisfaction. According to preliminary statistics, the new products of Lovol excavator contribute more than 60% to the sales in the peak season this year

Lovol excavator will continue to adhere to the high efficiency, on the basis of ensuring product quality, focus on technological innovation and market construction, formulate incentive marketing policies, consolidate management foundation, refine workflow, and deepen competitive growth

whole process service shaping service brand

in the future market competition, the difference between product prices and technologies will gradually narrow, and a large part of the factors affecting customers' purchase of construction machinery products will depend on the perfect after-sales service quality

rooted in the concept of customer first, Lovol excavator takes service response speed, parts supply speed, maintenance service level, etc. as an important driver of service winning strategy. To this end, Lovol excavator strives to improve the rapid response ability of services based on "specialization and standardization" through benchmarking learning. First of all, we have strengthened the training of agents' business personnel. Considering the long-term development, Lovol excavator has improved the ability of agents through value-added business models such as agent service ability training and distribution channel training. Secondly, actively promote the construction of management standardization and operation standardization system. Marketing personnel should actively support and guide agents, be familiar with products, policies and businesses, have superb business level, fully understand regional market competition and benchmarking enterprise policies, and use their own business ability to break through the 3000 yuan/ton mark of Tangshan billet price once to help agents establish marketing strategies, And carry out service KPI evaluation for all agents to ensure service quality and effect. At the same time, comprehensively improve the support capacity of accessories. By improving the support and logistics system of accessories, developing 16 secondary supporting systems, 1788 kinds of disassembled parts, and adjusting the credit line, the spare parts reserve was increased to 110 million yuan, an increase of 20million yuan year-on-year, and the timeliness and accuracy of spare parts distribution were greatly improved; It is required to shorten the completion time of service orders from the original 24 hours to the current 12 hours, guide and urge agents to increase the investment in service vehicles, service personnel, points and other service resources, narrow the service radius and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, we should improve the soft power of services and innovate service measures, such as assigning machine operators to support 30t products, providing professional guidance on machine delivery, maintenance and maintenance, and promoting the sales of large-scale products; For faults that have not been handled within 24 hours, spare machine support is provided free of charge, creating a service mode that can avoid temperature rise by creating differences

high level competition and efficient measures Lovol excavator high point crossing

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