The hottest high-energy beam welding technology

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High energy beam welding technology (Part 2)

3.1 laser welding

in terms of equipment production and research, it mainly produces kW CO2 laser equipment and solid YAG laser equipment below 1 kW

domestic research on laser welding mainly focuses on the formation mechanism of laser welding plasma, characteristic analysis, detection, control, deep penetration laser welding simulation, application of laser arc composite heat source, laser surfacing, etc. Tsinghua University analyzed the sound signal of penetration state from the perspective of sound and electricity, and proposed the equivalent circuit and electrical characteristics mathematical model of laser welding plasma; In terms of suppressing the negative effects of plasma, zhangxudong and chenwuzhu of Tsinghua University proposed the side suction method; Xiao Rongshi and Zuo Tiechuan from the national industry university research institute laser technology center put forward the method of blowing heterogeneous gas through double-layer inner and outer tubes; Liujinhe of Northwestern Polytechnic University proposed the method of external magnetic field

3.2 electron beam welding

the development of electron beam welding machines in China began in the 1960s. Up to now, hundreds of electron beam welding machines of different types and functions have been developed and produced, and a research and production technical team has been formed, which can provide low-power electron beam welding machines for the domestic market

in recent years, there has been the introduction of key components (e.g. electron gun, high-voltage power supply, etc.) and domestic supporting introduction of other components. The advantages of this method are that the equipment not only maintains a high technical level, but also can greatly reduce the cost, and at the same time, it can provide users with more perfect after-sales service

8. The lead screw and transmission part of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine should be regularly lubricated

at present, the EBW series of the Institute of electrical engineering of the Academy of Sciences, represented by the special electron beam welding machine for automotive gears, has occupied the main market share of the domestic automotive gear electron beam welding; China's small and medium power electron beam welding machines have approached or caught up with the advanced level of foreign similar products, and the price is only about 1/4 of that of foreign similar products, which has obvious advantages in performance price ratio

2. Impact test method; In terms of mechanism and process research, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tianjin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Northwest University of technology, China Institute of science and electrical engineering, Guilin electric appliance this additive can also reduce scratches. The work carried out by the Institute of science, Xi'an Aero Engine company, aerospace materials and process research institute involves the dynamics of molten pool pores, electron beam brazing, joint fatigue crack growth behavior Residual stress of joint, weld trace teaching during wire filling welding and local vacuum welding, etc

3.3 plasma arc welding

in terms of plasma arc welding equipment, Northwestern Polytechnic University carried out research on pulsating plasma spray welding technology. By connecting high-frequency IGBT contactless switch between workpiece and spray gun anode (nozzle), it successfully realized the high-frequency alternating work of transfer arc and non transfer arc, and realized plasma spray welding under a single power supply

Xi'an Jiaotong University has carried out research on variable polarity plasma arc welding equipment suitable for Al, Mg and their alloys. The positive and negative half waves of the main arc are powered by two DC power supplies respectively to realize variable polarity welding of the workpiece (aluminum). It not only stabilizes the arc, but also reliably cleans the cathode at the wires and pipelines with serious mouse disease. Beijing Institute of aeronautical technology has carried out the process research of pulse plasma arc welding with one pulse and one hole; In terms of keyhole characteristics and behavior detection of perforated plasma arc welding, Harbin Institute of technology, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Technology and Tsinghua University detect the establishment, closure and size of keyholes through spectral information, arc voltage and current spectral analysis respectively; Wang Xibao and Zhang Wenyue of Tianjin University analyzed the transport behavior of powder in the transfer arc during plasma arc powder surfacing and its main influencing factors, and calculated the transport velocity distribution of iron-based alloy powder and boron carbide powder in the arc column under different parameters and the powder flux distribution along the cross section of the arc column. In important applications, Xi'an aero-engine company has improved the process of an aero-engine by using self-made power supply equipment and imported plasma welding gun

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