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Analysis of transformation outlet and boss transformation of coating enterprises

analysis of transformation outlet and boss transformation of coating enterprises

July 4, 2013

[China coating information]

I. what is transformation

transformation is an experience that the head of an enterprise competes with himself and cannot live with himself

second, the risk of transformation

benign transformation: clear goals, step by step, energy accumulation, natural

failed Transformation: vague goals, turbulence, constant internal friction, and lack of energy

in fact, a lot of things look back. If we didn't toss, we wouldn't be like this today. It's much bigger than now. These years, we've been tossing and turning. We often see some small enterprises. It's not a short time, a few years, or even several decades, but up to now, the threshold of 100 million is just not passing. Why does this happen? Most of it is tossing

reading newspaper transformation, I just want to talk about our general situation. People say that you have to watch the network to speculate in stocks. You have to read the newspaper to sell paint. We should really care about the general situation. If you don't care about the general situation when selling paint, it's really a big mistake. I often say that professional managers look at efficiency; The boss is looking at the pattern. As a boss, if you don't know the pattern of the country and industry you live in, it's at the same level as professional managers. Managers are responsible for making money, but how to make money and how to change the structure is the boss' business. So we need to read the newspaper

III. reading notification transformation

1. The speed slows down, and the era of "barbaric growth" is over.

in recent years, you are looking at the photovoltaic industry. I have noticed three data. The world's photovoltaic industry needs a total of about 278000 kW. China has a national production capacity of 300000 kW, which has exceeded that of foreign ownership, adding up to 500000, and China accounts for such a large part. It would be strange if such a serious overcapacity did not encounter sanctions, boycotts and trade barriers. This is the consequence of barbaric growth. In the past, we used to be very proud of savage growth, patting our chest and saying: how proud the Chinese people are to have completed the 200 year journey of Europeans in 20 years. However, Lao Tzu said a word: wind does not winter, rain does not winter. In other words, the wind blowing sideways stopped after a while. It is impossible for heavy rain and rainstorm to fall one day. Only continuous drizzle can fall for a month, and only gentle wind can blow all day. In other words, violent things are not lasting, and barbaric growth is short-lived. When the opportunity came, many people threw themselves into it, but then came the situation that its prosperity was booming and its death was fast

2. Market regulation, the hope of "government bailout" has been dashed

recently, the national development and Reform Commission has let the wind out: there will be no so-called 4trillion plan in the near future

in 2008, the economic crisis suddenly came, and the Chinese people have never seen such an economic crisis. The last time was in 1929. At that time, China was still an agricultural country. If it was not involved, it had not experienced an economic crisis. This time in 2008, China was involved in the economic crisis, and the government, scholars, entrepreneurs and bosses were all involved. What should we do? The central government will provide four trillion yuan and the local governments will provide more than ten trillion yuan. This time it's different. The national development and Reform Commission has let it out that the problems of the market belong to the market, that is to say, let the market solve the problems by itself. And the market solving the problem by itself means that the government will not save it. If the government does not save it, it will naturally be eliminated

3. The concept of "small profits and quick turnover" is out of date.

before, especially in the paint industry, I saw many bosses about small profits and quick turnover. When I talked with them, I said: my policy and my marketing strategy is small profits and quick turnover. Desperately occupy others' space, regardless of how much money you can dig out of the space you occupy. In the end, the person who reduced the price was out. In 2004, I remember that it was in May and June that xylene prices were quoted every three days, and even later, when paint prices did not rise at that time, it was impossible. But at that time, there was a well-known enterprise that didn't raise its price. We lost money no matter how we calculate it. It really didn't take long, and the enterprise finally collapsed

4. Innovation and growth, and the effect of "imitating and following the trend" is not good.

for so many years, it is really difficult to make your own innovation. Then, it's easier and easier to follow the trend. But I found that in recent years, there has been such a good phenomenon that there is less innovation in large enterprises and more innovation in small enterprises. Therefore, in recent years, there have been more innovations in small and medium-sized paint enterprises

5. Culture keeps people, and the practice of "spending money to hire people" is not working.

in the past, there was nothing that could not hire people. Now, if you hire someone, you can't stay. For the post-90s generation, he may leave immediately because of a word, a report to you. Those who make a report and leave are still disciplined, and others leave with their bags. So now, if you want to use the simple and rude management method to employ people, you think that the era of "I have enough money, I can hire people" is over

6. Management generates profits, and the profits of "extensive management" are gone.

let me tell you a story. This story is not from our coating industry, but from another industry. The story goes like this: the boss recruited a chief financial officer, and later assigned a chief financial officer to the chief financial officer. Then he called the two people together and said: the chief financial officer is in charge of external affairs, and the chief financial officer is in charge of internal control. Two people hold each other back. The finance minister just came here and didn't know that the industry was a low profit industry, that is, a low profit industry. The national policy was another way of tax declaration, and then he reported an extra tax of 3million. The financial controller reminded him: if you overstate, don't pay so much tax. The boss doesn't know. The finance minister handed it in. It is difficult for this enterprise to make a net profit of 300 yuan, but he also overpaid the tax of 3 million yuan. This is his way of management. It's not meticulous at all. It's too extensive

7. Care. Enterprises that "harm others and benefit themselves" are in danger

everyone is concerned. Jilin slaughterhouse caught fire, and 121 lives were lost. Everyone has noticed the cause of the fire. As everyone in the paint industry knows, three of the six escape locks were locked. When the fire broke out, all employees did not know how to escape. That is to say, it has never done a fire drill. Paint makers all know that all our escape doors are wide open during large-scale fire drills at least once a year. This means that this enterprise is derelict in caring for the lives of its employees

fourth, several directions of large enterprise transformation

1. Mining user needs (home decoration renovation paint)

this is the first. Over the years, we tend to unconsciously shift from user-oriented to competition oriented, and always forget who we serve and who is our master! Only now do I remember that our real God is thousands of households, furniture factories, ordinary people and consumers are our God. Then, how to segment the market and how to accurately position it? The United States has been engaged in renovating paint. People have realized that after so many years of development of China's real estate industry, the first house and furniture they bought are old. How to renovate it is a new demand. When you have no way in the market, you'd better go to consumers to see if you can meet their needs

2. Product chain extension (mutual penetration of furniture paint enterprises and home decoration paint enterprises)

the extension of product chain is very interesting. Our civil paint enterprises basically have two major sectors: home decoration paint and furniture paint. Enterprises starting with furniture paint penetrate into home decoration paint, and enterprises starting with home decoration paint penetrate into furniture paint, and both sides penetrate into each other. In the process of penetration, some enterprises have done very well, such as China Resources and Carlyle. It used to be furniture paint, but later it went smoothly and developed rapidly in the field of home decoration paint. A few days ago, I heard that Dabao is also considering this aspect. Dabao is famous for making furniture paint, but it is always a little depressed in the field of home decoration paint

as for the extension of this product chain, I think the smart bike looks a little like the light cycle in Chuang: speed of light war at first glance. We really should distinguish furniture paint and home decoration paint clearly. Both sales teams and sales channels should be separated. If you want a dealer who can sell furniture paint to become a dealer who can install paint soon, it will be very difficult. In the past, when I was a professional manager, I had such a hard time. Here, I will contribute this experience

3. Increase R & D investment (UV, water-based, exterior wall)

large enterprises have money and strength, so we should really pay attention to R & D investment. The proportion of our R & D investment in our annual revenue is still too low. In recent years, in terms of UV paint, water-based paint and exterior wall series products, there is actually a lot of space that has been shown, especially in terms of exterior walls. This time, I came to the meeting and chatted casually with several bosses: how is life? Some bosses said: very good, it has been good in recent years. Another question: where does the order come from? "The exterior wall comes from the exterior wall project". So, that is to say, there is a great development prospect in front of the coating industry, that is, the exterior wall coating. Now we need to invest in R & D

4. Continuous brand building (no more hype but no stop)

now we all know that there is no hype anymore, let's move forward steadily. That kind of money burning can't be done, but the work of brand building can't be stopped. If the work of brand building stops, a lot of time will be wasted. It's a pity. In terms of brand communication, you may not have a lot of money to spend on TV advertising, but it doesn't take much effort to do network marketing well. It's completely possible to spend hundreds of thousands of money to invite a boss of network marketing to help you do well in network marketing. So I hope you understand that it's no good either burning money or stopping

5. Implement corporate culture (new social climate, new boss ideas, new enterprise benefits)

in recent years, the society has really seen a new climate. I remember when Yu Dan said that Confucius said Chuang Tzu. From this beginning, suddenly, it was like a night of spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms. Everyone can deeply feel that the talent hidden in our hearts for many years and our conscience, benign, are slowly recovering, slowly awakening, slowly being activated. Day by day, traditional culture has become the bread and butter of the Chinese people and Chinese entrepreneurs, and it has begun to become such a situation. When this new social climate appears, you can feel that many bosses' ideas begin to change. When they put four books and five classics and I-Ching on their work of testing metal coating tensile testing machine, and the enterprise really begins to change. This unconscious benefit is "sneaking into the night with the wind, moistening things silently

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