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High end straw pulp products of the paper industry are popular abroad and cold at home

the energy and resource crisis makes transfer the most important and urgent topic at present. After the transfer, I will highlight what the production and lifestyle of science and technology leaders will become? The Green Expo is like a window, showing the current realistic process of green production, green consumption and green life Shandong's green and environmental protection industry is quietly developing, and many environmental protection products have entered the international high-end market. However, in China, affected by the consumption concept and consumption level, the market of environmental protection products has started slowly. Another highlight of this Green Expo is that the environmental protection industry has just grown into a green life Pavilion. This exhibition hall, which covers green building materials, green means of transportation, green household appliances, green homes and green food, focuses on new energy-saving and environmental protection products and technologies close to people's lives

the products produced by these enterprises, which are distributed in cities, prefectures, even counties or towns in Shandong, have reached the international level in terms of environmental protection and energy conservation, and are exported to Europe and the United States in large quantities. Many visitors are excited by the new green and environmental protection products that are popular abroad and cold at home. But what is puzzling is that in real life, they are hard to find

this kind of straw pulp disposable fast food box is about 45 cents each. At present, it is only sold in Beijing and Guangzhou in China, and the rest are exported abroad. Guoxiyan, director of the cultural publicity group of Shandong Quanlin Paper Co., Ltd., said. This kind of fast-food box, which is neither bleached nor corrosion-resistant, and has no whitening of foundry technology, has no pollution and is popular abroad. However, due to its high price, many domestic fast-food restaurants mostly choose to use plastic foam lunch boxes for a few cents

at the exhibition site, Quanlin paper showed a variety of 100% straw pulp products, such as notebooks, napkins, toilet paper and school textbooks that have become licensed commodities of the WorldExpo. The selling price of these yellow colored paper is much higher than that of ordinary white paper. For example, the retail price of a box of 200 paper napkins is more than 6 yuan

it is understood that using straw pulp instead of wood pulp can not only turn waste into treasure, but also purchase straw in rural areas can increase farmers' income, reduce tree felling and protect forests. Natural color paper can protect eyesight and reduce visual fatigue at the same time. Primary and secondary school students should use this kind of notebook and textbook in a large amount

more importantly, Quanlin's natural color original pulp paper does not use bleach and other harmful chemicals throughout the whole process. It is reported that the market share of chlorine bleaching waste in traditional papermaking process is still very small, and the discharge of liquid is the largest source of pollution in the papermaking industry, which is the main source of pollution today. The special guarantee for safety is dioxin produced in the bleaching process. Its toxicity is 900 times that of arsenic. The International Center for research on cancer has listed it as a human first-class carcinogen

we are in the high-end market. In the United States, these environmental protection products are very popular. However, it will take quite a long time for the domestic consumption concept to change. Guo Xiyan said

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