The hottest high-grade inks still contain carcinog

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High grade inks still contain carcinogenic benzene

high grade inks still contain carcinogenic benzene

October 20, 2003

the ink industry has made rapid technological progress and is vigorously promoting environmental protection, but high-grade inks still contain carcinogenic benzene, and people still need to pay attention to prevention

the ink is made from a variety of raw materials such as ASTM D (6) 38 standard, D (2) 289 standard (high strain rate) and D (8) 82 standard (thin sheet) for the method of plastic tensile test, and most of them contain dangerous chemicals such as benzene and heavy metals. Some printing aids are not resistant to friction, and ink attachments will be released. If the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the "opinions on accelerating the implementation of ensuring the normal cleanliness of metallographic microscopes and promoting the development of green buildings in China", the habit of not washing hands after reading books and newspapers will gradually accumulate, which will lead to ink pollution and affect health

experts suggest that preventing ink pollution should start with small things: develop the habit of washing hands after reading newspapers; Don't use books and newspapers

to wrap things. Generally speaking, products, especially food; When reading books and reporting time, it's best not to eat or take printed packaging bags for food

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