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High end tires break through the technical blockade and improve the competitiveness of Chinese tires in the international market

-- a record of the second prize achievement of the national science and Technology Progress Award

since the 1990s, ultra-high performance radial car tire (uhpT) has become the mainstream direction of the technological development of the tire industry in Europe and the United States with its excellent handling, wet skid resistance, low noise and other properties. However, its manufacturing technology has long been monopolized by several tire giants such as Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear. In order to break through the foreign technical blockade, Linglong Group Co., Ltd., Beijing University of chemical technology and Jilin University jointly implemented the project of ultra-high performance car radial tire with low cross-section, wet skid resistance and low noise, and mastered the full set of production technology of ultra-high performance car radial tire. Linglong group has realized the seriation and large-scale production of uhtp tires

Wang Feng, the project leader and general manager of Linglong tire, told that at the beginning of the project, there was no domestic manufacturer that could produce 25 series products with the lowest section. Through joint technical research, they have completed the development and serial mass production of uhpT with a total of 54 specifications in five pattern series. Yongxing special steel has achieved a revenue of 921 million yuan, a section of 25 series, a speed level of Y (300km/h), and built a production line with an annual output of 2million uhpT

through independent research and development, researchers have formed a complete set of mature uhpT production technology with core technology, including product structure design, formula design, process and performance research. The main production equipment, such as specific molding machines, vulcanizers and tire indoor noise laboratories that meet the requirements of low profile and large rims, are developed, produced and constructed by Linglong group, and the performance of the equipment has reached the international advanced level

Wang Feng said that the project filled the domestic gap, reached the international advanced level, and played a demonstration role for the domestic tire industry. Driven by high-tech products such as ultra-high performance car radial tires, Linglong group has become the world's top 16 tire enterprises with annual sales revenue of 15 billion yuan and exports of more than 800 million US dollars. The project has obtained 1 invention patent, 7 appearance patents, 4 science and technology awards, and 4 relevant national standards

according to Dong Maohua, senior engineer of Linglong tire, the project has achieved innovation in a number of key technologies, and pioneered the high anti cladding carcass structure. The raw aluminum produced by the company will be directly converted into raw materials required for aluminum deep processing, forming an ultra-high-performance car meridian or contacting the service department to send the driving program documents for manual drive line tire structure design technology, and invented a low section manufacturing process, The key technical problem of tire sidewall crack is solved. They developed the preparation technology of nano silica/solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber nanocomposites, and solved the technical problems that nano silica is difficult to disperse and cannot be filled in a large amount

Dong Maohua said that the project has built the first indoor noise laboratory in the domestic tire industry, developed low-noise pattern design technology, and formed a simulation and prediction technology for tire handling performance, which has improved the handling performance of tires. They also presided over the drafting of the national standard for the wet skid resistance test method of car tires

all products have passed the EU ECE quality certification after being tested by third-party international authorities such as Rhine in Germany and STL in the United States. The main performances of the tire, such as wet skid resistance, durability, noise, etc., are better than the world-class tires compared, and the cost performance is high, so it is competitive in the international market. At present, all products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and Australia, and are used in luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz and BMW, breaking the monopoly of foreign tire giants in this high-end technology field. It has taken the initiative in dealing with the so-called anti-dumping of Chinese tires by some countries

experts evaluate that the technology of this project is original and progressiveness brought about by mass reduction. The indoor noise test was first carried out in China, and the noise was significantly reduced, reaching the level of world famous brand products. The simulation analysis of the handling performance of the whole tire matching the whole vehicle was first carried out in China, and the results reached the international advanced level

it is understood that horizon tire, Inc., one of the 50 largest tire dealers in the United States, has sold 398000 exquisite high-performance tires in the past three years. The company said that the performance indicators of tires are good, and they are very popular in the local market. European tire distributors believe that Linglong high-performance tires are cost-effective and very competitive locally

general manager Wang Feng said that Linglong will take the opportunity of the independent research and development of ultra-high performance anti slippery radial tyres for cars, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and technological transformation, speed up the "transformation of research and development into products and product formation capacity", realize the seriation and large-scale production of ultra-high performance radial tyres, and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese tyres in the international market

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