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An annual output of 30000 tons of high-grade coated white paperboard project

I. enterprise name

Zhuozhou Jinmin, Hebei Province, has a certain say city paper mill

II. Enterprise profile

Zhuozhou paper mill was established in 1958 and is a medium-sized state-owned enterprise. The factory covers an area of 102647 square meters, with a construction area of 32860 square meters, and the number of employees is 694, including 60 technicians. With an annual production capacity of 20000 tons, the main products include poster stickers, writing paper, single adhesive tape and double adhesive tape. The products sell well and are well received by users. The average annual sales revenue is 25million yuan, and the fixed assets are 84.13 million yuan

III. Project Content

using waste paper and some bleached wood pulp as raw materials, introducing a full set of production equipment and technology with the advanced level of the 1990s (purchased after investigation by both parties), relying on Zhuozhou paper mill, making use of its existing site, ancillary facilities, water, electricity and steam system to carry out technical transformation, Build a 100 ton high-grade coated white paperboard production line (including sewage treatment and white water recovery technology and equipment) with an annual output of 34000 tons of high-grade coated white paperboard

IV. cooperation mode

joint venture construction and operation. The total investment of the project is US $33.2145 million, of which the fixed asset investment is US $27.8859 million, the working capital is US $5.3286 million, and the proposed foreign capital is US $23.25 million, accounting for 70%. The Chinese side invested US $9.96 million, accounting for 30%, in the field, ancillary facilities, water and electrical appliances and other supporting facilities. The insufficient part of the working capital will be solved by the cooperative parties through bank loans in the name of the joint venture

cooperative construction and operation. The foreign party provides loans to participate in the project construction and management, that is, today's well-known "short life plus easy water absorption, decay, mildew and other problems have become a consumable cyan racing for many outdoor projects and scenic spots" and supervision. After the completion of the project, the Chinese party will operate independently and use fixed assets as collateral to repay the foreign party's loans and interests within the period agreed by both parties

v. expected benefits

the construction period of the project is 2 years, and the output after production is 34000 tons. The estimated annual sales revenue is 261.8 million yuan, and the annual profit is 43.5 million yuan. In order to achieve the balance of foreign exchange revenue and expenditure, the proposed product 60 requires a higher surface finish of the sample. Export sales can generate foreign exchange of $3.65 million, with good economic benefits

VI. market forecast

with the improvement of people's living standards and the development of packaging industry, the market demand for high-grade coated white paperboard will continue to grow. The layout of the project is reasonable, in line with the national industrial plan and the development plan of the paper industry, and there is no problem in sales

VII. Source of raw materials

the foreign party is responsible for solving the waste paper of papermaking raw materials, with an annual demand of 34000 tons

(source: Hebei Baoding business window local business window)

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