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High end software: the market price of strategic new electrolytic aluminum is relatively stable, which is an important support for industrial development. High end software has a wide range of applications and has penetrated into all industries and fields. The development of high-end software plays an important role in supporting and promoting the development of new generation information technology and strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine, high-end manufacturing, etc

in October last year, the decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries (GF [2010] No. 32) clarified the important development areas of high-end software and new generation information technology industry, which has been clarified again in China's 12th Five Year Plan; At the beginning of this year, the notice of the State Council on printing and Distributing Several Policies to further encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industry (GF [2011] No. 4) listed high-end software and specific content as key research and development objects. The relevant documents have put forward many specific promotion policies and safeguard measures to promote industrial development, which plays a positive role in promoting the development of high-end software. China is drafting and formulating the 12th Five Year Plan for strategic emerging industries, which includes relevant contents of high-end software, and will also receive more active and effective policy support

there is still a considerable distance from commercialization, and there is a certain cross relationship between high-end software and basic software. Basic software includes desktop operating system, server operating system, database management system, middleware and office software, as well as embedded basic software focusing on network communication, digital home appliances, information security and automotive electronics. High end software includes basic software, industrial software, information security software, cloud computing software, mobile Internet software and related information services. It can be said that from the current general understanding, basic software is included in high-end software, which is the foundation including high-end software; The field of high-end software is relatively wide

developing high-end software is a powerful starting point for cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries. On the one hand, the software and information service industry, including high-end software, is the fastest-growing sunrise industry in China, and is the core, soul and important component of the information network industry. Accelerating the cultivation of high-end software can stimulate and expand new growth points such as cloud computing and IOT, expand domestic demand, stimulate industrial and economic growth, and promote the development of software and information service industry. On the other hand, high-end software is widely used and has been in-depth. Then for hydraulic universal testing machines with low working pressure, high-strength cast iron can be used to make oil cylinders; The hydraulic universal testing machine with high working pressure has penetrated into all industries and fields. The development of high-end software plays an important role in supporting and promoting the development of new generation information technology, new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine, high-end manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries

according to the survey, in 2009, in the field of industrial automation control software, the high-end market was monopolized by foreign products. At present, domestic automatic control systems are mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end market, while the high-end control system market of petrochemical, thermal power, nuclear power and other major projects is basically monopolized by imported products. For example, the automatic control system of the main device in the petrochemical industry is monopolized by imported products such as Honeywell, Emerson, Yokogawa, etc. In terms of thermal power, ultra supercritical units and 1000MW units are all monopolized by imported products. In terms of nuclear power, the automatic control system of China's megawatt nuclear power plants has so far mainly adopted the automatic control system of nuclear power plants provided by foreign companies. Although China's nuclear power plants have been operating for a long time, have accumulated nearly 100 years of operation experience, and have reached the international advanced level in operation management, the automatic control systems of million kilowatt nuclear power plants are all foreign products. Only Hollysys, Shanghai Automation Instrument and other enterprises have undertaken nuclear power automation projects in China, but the automation control system of its core main device is still monopolized by imported products

however, in some segments, it is domestic industrial software that accounts for most of the market, and this market is not won by low prices, but by excellent quality and localized services. It should also be emphasized here that industrial software not only plays an important role in the informatization construction of equipment manufacturing industry, but also has a wide range of applications in aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, steel, nonferrous metals, electronics, light industry, textile and other industrial fields. Industrial software plays an important role in the industrial product R & D and design, production control, production management, market circulation, sales service, recycling and remanufacturing of the above industries, including equipment manufacturing industry (1)

grasp new opportunities for development and do a good job in six aspects

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's innovative development of high-end software and its core technologies should focus on seizing the needs of the integration market of industrialization and industrialization and the information consumption market, especially grasp the new opportunities for industrial development brought by the development of cloud computing, IOT, tri convergence and mobile interconnection, and strengthen the innovation of high-end software development path, Create an industrial innovation system combining government, industry, University, research and application and an industrial ecosystem with leading enterprises as the core, adhere to the two wheel drive of technological innovation and market application, adhere to the interaction and progress of products and services, adhere to the close combination of technological research and development, standardization and Application promotion, and realize more technological innovation through the close combination with application practice

for the current national policies and measures in the field of high-end software and related support, an Hui, Institute of software and information service industry, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, suggested doing a good job in six aspects:

first, accelerating the improvement of the policy and regulation system. Pay close attention to the study and introduction of the specific rules for the implementation of the No. 4 document of the State Council, especially in terms of government procurement, and increase support for domestic high-end software

second, continue to support and encourage independent innovation. Strengthen the cooperation and exchange between enterprises, governments, universities and scientific research institutions, intermediary service institutions, and create and improve the high-end software industry chain integrating R & D, production, sales, service and application. Encourage and support leading enterprises to realize joint innovation and application promotion of high-end software by establishing technology, standards, application alliances and other forms

third, improve industrial investment and financing conditions. Strengthen the construction of investment and financing environment, establish and improve the investment and financing channels involving industrial capital, venture capital, private capital and other diversified capital; Relying on relevant major national projects, explore and improve the new mechanism of combining central fund support with local follow-up investment

fourth, improve the industrial chain. With leading enterprises with international competitiveness as the core, drive the technology research and development and application promotion in relevant fields, and create a whole industry chain through chips, software, systems, operations and services

fifth, strengthen the training and introduction of high-end talents. Establish a supply-demand dialogue mechanism between talent training institutions and the software industry, and improve the practical talent training mechanism with exemplary software colleges and exemplary software vocational and technical colleges as the core and closely combined with talent training. Formulate and improve the reward policy and distribution mechanism for high-end software talents. Strengthen the introduction of international talents

Sixth, accelerate the cultivation of domestic demand market. Promote the penetration and integration of software technology into the traditional primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and vigorously expand the development space of the software industry. Carry out pilot demonstration of high-end software applications, and study and formulate incentive policies for industries to give priority to the use of domestic high-end software and services

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