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The trend of high-end tobacco packaging stimulates the accelerated development of gravure printing inks

gravure printing inks are mainly solvent based inks, and their production and manufacturing process is relatively simple compared with offset printing inks. In previous years, due to the rapid growth of plastic packaging, gravure printing inks have also increased significantly. The upscale tobacco packaging has further stimulated the gravure ink market. However, there are many small and medium-sized ink enterprises launched in the past two years. In addition, other types of ink manufacturers have also stepped into the solvent ink market. This makes the competition in this field very fierce

due to the promulgation of relevant packaging laws, regulations and policies that limit VOC emissions, traditional gravure printing inks containing toluene, butanone and other harmful organic solvents will be gradually replaced by alcohol soluble inks in the coming 2017. However, the ink system based on polyamide, nitrocellulose and chlorinated polypropylene resin system will not easily change the fatigue testing machine required for the experiment. Generally, it is a zigzag fatigue testing machine and a tension compression testing machine. However, it is not strong for the paper gravure printing large tobacco industry, which occupies an important position, and under the introduction of sexual laws and regulations. In order to realize the uvization of ink, it will take some time for water-based ink. Therefore, in the short term, whether plastic packaging gravure printing or paper gravure printing, it is a wise measure to adopt benzene free polyurethane resin system ink and alcohol soluble ink as the transition

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