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From the China (Shanghai) International printer exhibition to see the application of high-end printers

on October 20, the "first China (Shanghai) International printer technology and Application Exhibition and the 2001 annual meeting of the printer Professional Committee of the China Computer Industry Association" held by the TP machine (terminal printer) branch of the China computer users association was held at the Shanghai Everbright Exhibition. 4. Plastic tensile testing machines often need to lubricate the center and lower the curtain, But the remaining warmth of the exhibition still reverberates in people's hearts! During the exhibition, XXX exhibition groups from XX countries around the world not only introduced and displayed the world's most advanced printer products and application examples, printer consumables and printer parts manufacturing technology to the majority of users in China, but also built a bridge of technical exchange and trade between printer manufacturers and users

at present, the printer market is highly competitive. From low-end to high-end, different competitive groups have formed in each gear of the whole product line. For a long time, the leading high-end printers (high-speed printing and high-speed beating) have been widely used in telecommunications, banking, postal and other industries and some other large and medium-sized enterprises that require fast speed and large printing volume. In the field of high-end printers, line printing groups such as KD, YD, Fujitsu, Printronix, IBM, tally, AMT, CI, ghd, and laser printing groups such as HP, Epson, IBM have been formed. At the same time, with the further development of laser printer technology, line printing groups are facing further threats in terms of product performance price ratio by often using compatible toughening agents, which can be used with reference to PC and PBT. With the launch and promotion of the enterprise informatization project, the procurement plans of many industries have been restarted, especially the banking, postal, railway, telecommunications and other industries, as well as a large number of large and medium-sized enterprises have increased their procurement efforts, so that the sales volume of the high-end printer market has increased significantly this year; With the implementation of the national western development strategy, enterprises and industries in backward areas such as the northwest and southwest have a great demand for high-speed printers. Line printer is the highest class of impact printer family. It can print continuously with heavy load and high speed, and the cost of single page printing is low and the printing quality is high. With its excellent copy ability and excellent performance price ratio, it has become the preferred model for high-end printing in the domestic industry. After 10 years of cultivation and development, the line printer market has become increasingly mature. At present, there are many manufacturers and brands in the printer market, and fierce competition has been launched from product performance to sales service. The year 2001 was the most competitive year in the printer market. Looking at the overall situation, among all brands, Fujitsu, IBM, KD, Epson and Shida have the highest share, which is a certain distance away from other brands; From the perspective of product types, each brand is leading the way in the corresponding market segments. According to the statistics of relevant departments, line printing accounted for 37.6% of the total sales of printers, and the sales volume of line printing this year increased by 7.6% compared with last year. With the gradual recognition of laser printers, laser printers continued to grow at a rate of nearly 20% in the first half of 2001. Especially with the advancement of networking process, the advantages of laser printers are further obvious, and laser printers take advantage of the situation; Moreover, with the gradual decline of the price of large format laser printers, laser printers gradually began to penetrate into the application fields of finance, CAD and other industries, which has a great potential to replace line printing; At the same time, the market of multi-function all-in-one laser printer is booming day by day, and the color laser printer market has also begun to start under the promotion of manufacturers. The whole laser printer market is extremely active. In the first half of 2001, the sales of laser printers accounted for 15.6% of the total printer sales, an increase of 23.6% over the same period last year

as an excellent printing expert in the world, Fujitsu is always famous for its deep technological accumulation and abundant technological development ability, and it is no exception in the field of high-end printers. At present, Fujitsu high-end printers (high-speed line printing and high-speed beating) are widely used in government departments, finance, postal telecommunications, mobile communications, insurance, power, retail, manufacturing and other industries. According to IDG estimates, Fuji general-purpose printers have accounted for 25% to 30% of the domestic market for similar products. Zanhua group (Holdings) Co., Ltd., the general agent of Fujitsu computer peripherals products in China, launched m305x series new high-speed laser printers in 2000 according to the current demand situation of the Chinese market. Its printing speed is as high as 3, 000 lines/min. at the same time, it has double-sided printing function, which successfully meets the requirements of diversified printing functions of users in the current postal and telecommunications, finance and insurance industries

at the China (Shanghai) International printer technology and Application Exhibition held on October, Zanhua company was also invited to participate in the exhibition, and exhibited Fujitsu's latest high-end printer models for three consecutive days: Fujitsu laser continuous paper printer m3055 and needle printer m8081. M3055 is a model specially developed by Fujitsu company of Japan according to the application environment of domestic users. Its printing speed is as high as 3000 lines/minute (86 pages per minute). It can also print two A4 pages in parallel, and the printing format can reach 16.5 inches. The biggest feature of m3055 laser printer is that in addition to adapting to the requirements of the network era and preparing the network interface for the maximum experimental force: 10kn20kn users can be used as a network printer with simple settings, which can easily aim at the advanced technology of international automotive lightweight materials to realize the sharing of network resources. More importantly, it also has the function of environmental protection, which can well remove the harmful components such as bromine and oxygen emitted during high-speed printing. Moreover, in the web printer market, m8081 is Fujitsu's first needle printer with web function. Its printing speed is extremely fast, and it is equipped with outstanding functions such as error correction, spreadsheet and network interface. Because Fuji commonly hits more than one-third to more than half of the number of pins of the print head than other brand models of the same grade, the service life of its print head is greatly improved under the same printing workload. Therefore, m3055 and m8081 should be ideal printing equipment for users who require high-speed and large-scale printing in finance, banking, postal services, telecommunications, insurance and securities. In addition, at this exhibition, Zanhua also exhibited Fujitsu color document image double-sided scanners m3092dc and m4990c

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