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The international exchange and foreign enterprise Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation recently held a high-level seminar on the development trend of the world petroleum and chemical industry in the next decade and China's innovation and development opportunities in Beijing. Li Yongwu, President of the China Petrochemical Federation, Li Shousheng, executive vice president, and Li Runsheng, vice president, as well as Cai ronghua, director of the petrochemical division of the Industrial Coordination Department of the national development and Reform Commission, guzongqin, President of the petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, and pangguanglian, Secretary general of the Foreign Investment Commission of the Federation attended the meeting

the next decade will be of decisive significance to the transformation and upgrading 294.2 and innovation and development of China's petrochemical industry. The participants discussed the development trend of the global petrochemical industry in the next decade, studied the current situation and challenges of the development of China's petrochemical industry, analyzed the development opportunities of China's petrochemical industry in the next decade, and shared the experience of the development and transformation of multinational companies

Li Yongwu, President of the petrochemical Federation, thanked the delegates for their opinions and suggestions, and briefed on the economic operation of China's petrochemical industry in the first 10 months of this year. Li Yongwu comprehensively launched the special project of aeroengine and gas turbine. He pointed out that the current economic operation of the petrochemical industry faces three major contradictions and problems: therefore, overcapacity, safety and environmental protection, and insufficient innovation ability. He hoped that the Cfius would give full play to its role and make greater contributions to overcoming difficulties and resolving contradictions

experts from wood Mackenzie and Deloitte analyzed the impact of the global energy demand trend on the industry and the global petrochemical development trend respectively. They believe that the production of ethylene from shale gas in North America and the development of coal chemical industry in China will have a certain impact on the future pattern of global energy. For the petrochemical industry, all enterprises need transformation, and the Chinese market will still have a large increase in the future. It is suggested that enterprises should seize the opportunity of growth in the transformation

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