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Reducing energy consumption and prolonging life of industrial equipment should promote green remanufacturing

at present, China's steel, petrochemical and other process industrial equipment generally have prominent problems such as high energy consumption, high failure rate and short life cycle. For example, due to the parallel connection of a differential pressure relief valve between the oil supply port and the working oil port of the servo valve, the actual operation efficiency of the multi compressor unit is 5%~20% lower than the design efficiency. Accidents occur from time to time, which cannot ensure safe, reliable and long-term operation

the report of the scientific and technological strategy and countermeasures research group of industrial equipment green development project jointly organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (hereinafter referred to as the research group) points out that the green engineering of industrial equipment should be based on the whole life cycle of industrial equipment, that is, the design, manufacturing, operation, in-service remanufacture, remanufacture and other stages of industrial equipment, and should also consider the harmonious adaptation to the production process, Ensuring the safety, energy saving, material saving and environmental protection of industrial equipment and production process, and realizing popularity will also further expand the greening

the green foundation is weak

the report points out that for a long time, many industrial equipment technologies in China have been mainly digested, absorbed and imitated, lacking independent innovation brands; The green design technology of low energy consumption and lightweight has a weak foundation, which lacks both green but color design concept and green design supervision

the design of industrial equipment ignores the matching with the production process, the actual operation is far from the design working condition, and the self-adaptive ability of the equipment is poor. Therefore, environment-oriented design should be carried out; On the premise of meeting the use function and ensuring the mechanical strength and service life, simplify the structure, realize the lightweight of the equipment, and achieve the effect of material saving and energy saving; Integrate the new theories, new ideas, new materials, new processes and new technologies of scientific and technological progress into the design in a timely manner, so as to improve the equipment structure, improve the operation monitoring level, and effectively improve the greening degree of the equipment. Enhance the awareness of recyclability in the design process, make the equipment structure have multiple recyclability, and promote the recycling of resources. Make the advanced forming technology develop in the direction of digitalization, reduction, short process, precision, compounding, greening and intelligence, including the lightweight structural design of mechanical equipment, the application of new materials, new processes and new equipment to promote the reduction of equipment, the manufacturing of equipment parts and components tends to be near net shape, precision forging, precision rolling, die-free casting precision forming, waste free manufacturing to promote recycling, etc

the report believes that vigorously carrying out green remanufacture engineering is one of the main ways to achieve circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction and sustainable development. Remanufacturing engineering, characterized by resource conservation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and with the comprehensive utilization of information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology and other high technologies as the core, can maximize the development and utilization of the value contained in waste resources, alleviate the contradiction between resource shortage and resource waste, and reduce the harm of a large number of invalid and scrapped products to the environment. It is the best form and preferred way for the recycling of waste mechanical and electrical products, It is an important means to save resources

attention must be paid to safety and energy conservation

according to the industrial adjustment and upgrading plan (2016 (2) 020), the report also clearly puts forward the policy recommendations for the green development of China's industrial equipment: carry out the green project of the whole life cycle of industrial equipment, and pay special attention to the safe and energy-saving operation of industrial equipment

first, establish a third-party organization to monitor and evaluate the efficiency level of industrial equipment, improve and promote the application of equipment health and energy efficiency monitoring and diagnosis system based on industrial interconnection, formulate and implement unit safety, energy conservation and green rating standards, strictly order enterprises that seriously exceed the standard to rectify within a time limit, and implement the CD-ROM policy of making full and rational use of energy for industrial equipment

second, coordinate the interests of all parties in the whole life cycle, support and cultivate emerging service-oriented industries such as in-service remanufacture, establish an energy-saving risk mechanism for in-service remanufacture and implement tax reduction and exemption policies for the purpose of reducing operating costs and promoting technological progress

third, scientific research investment and talent training should be appropriately inclined to interdisciplinary subjects such as industrial equipment green engineering, put forward and support common key technologies for the development of industrial equipment green engineering, pay attention to giving play to the role of existing production facilities and equipment, and improve the equipment technology and intelligence level of enterprises

fourth, analyze and sort out the revision and formulation of national and industrial standards in related fields; Improve and promote the application of the green system based on industrial equipment, clarify the enterprises and competent departments, set up equipment and engineering system departments and coordination and review system in the design department, and the equipment department should manage the energy conservation of equipment

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