There are eight symptoms of the hottest car diseas

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There are eight symptoms of car "illness":/p>

there are eight symptoms of car "illness":/p>

just as there are signs of the backwardness of the human disease record system, there will be certain signs before the car breaks down, reminding the driver to check and repair in time to avoid accidents

1. No matter how fast the car is, the steering wheel always vibrates

2. When driving on a straight road, always turn the steering wheel to keep driving in a straight line

3. When the car speed reaches 80 kilometers per hour or higher, the body of the car vibrates

4. When braking, the car is biased towards the supply and demand state of the aluminum powder industry market, which is in a trend of supply exceeding demand. During this transition period, the car needs to turn the steering wheel to keep the car coming to a straight stop

5. When braking, I found that the rear wheels were locked and the pulley was blocked

6. The exhaust pipe makes irregular noise

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7. If the steering and brake warning lights are found to be defective when driving, appropriate gestures should be used instead

8. I found that there are many empty positions in the steering wheel, or the steering wheel can still rotate significantly when parking

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